A day of Thought

When it comes to life, we often make decisions of what to do in life and how to earn money. Sometimes how to earn money is the first thought. It’s not astonishment that times have made the value for money in peoples mind much more than work. Today what we care for a job is whether we are receiving a good pay scale rather than what we are doing in the job.

                As a technical student I too was looking forward to my placements after the completion of my course however a serious thought ran through my mind about what would I be asked to do in the job? The thought rose when I attended the lecture of Mr. Gautam Puri, MD, Career Launcher. He delivered a lecture on CAT and MBA. He said those of us who don’t want to continue engineering should opt for CAT, and then I realized that I was wrong in pursuing CAT. I too was running after the trend of IIT-IIM.

I had forgotten the basic reason of pursuing engineering as a career option, my interests. And then I realized what a job has to offer me, will that be interesting enough to drive me to work throughout my career. If our interest is not the reason why we are studying engineering, then what? Is it money that we are running after, ignoring the fact that the main reason we are earning money, i.e. happiness in life, is being deprived from us in the pursuit of money.

And then all the sayings that money is evil crossed my mind. We know that pursuit of money usually bring tension and sadness to life. Also, a quite controversial statement though, I believe a child’s mind is developed best, spiritually and in many other domains in a middle class family. Hence our pursuit to earn more and give more to our family actually hinders the development of minds and sometimes also relationships. Keeping all these things in mind, why should we still study/ work hard to get a very highly paid job or career. Since we know that money does deteriorate family relations, why work hard. Are not the street thugs living a happier, more challenging and more interesting lives. Why don’t we work only for being happy then rather than working hard day and night, sometimes doing what we don’t want to do, to earn a better income.

My mind raced from thought to thought and every other idea was telling that I, while studying, am wasting my time to be happy. Then I should quit working, and live a life of happiness. I had been asking myself these questions all my life, but never were they so vivid and never had they collected themselves to challenge me my way of living.

I have a habit of considering what my ideal will be thinking at the moment, when I get trapped in my thought process. I applied it and wondered whether or not there is a mistake in all these set of logical equations. My one day’s thought cannot be powerful enough to challenge my and many other peoples way of life. And then I figured out that happiness has a main trigger related to change. A life of monotonicity can hardly bring happiness. E.g. A sweet shop owner won’t find eating sweets as a source of happiness, and even a fantasy of driving a Ferrari may give him immense pleasure. Similarly, the life of street thug won’t remain exciting to him once he get a habit of it. Then why earn??

What money has proven to be are the currency as well as the ability to get some “Thing” or “Object” that might give happiness? We can find happiness as small packets or tokens of these objects. Hence earning is important. Then why aren’t the super-rich super-happy? Because every of these small “things” becomes too easily achievable, then the value for their achievement dies, so does the happiness to be attained on their attainment.

So what should we do??????????

Like other real life problems, this problem too doesn’t have a definite (or ideal) solution, only a significant level of closeness to ideality may be achieved. The act of donation may be considered as one of the possible solutions for this. By that, we won’t have too much in our hand, and also we will still value those small moments of happiness. Maybe that is why the early leaders of the world spent a lot on the common man and left nothing for themselves. Maybe, they too would have reached this conclusion and hence they were happy and respected throughout their life. Following their footsteps, we may achieve the same state of satisfaction. Therefore they say that old (or ancient) and outdated were wise and the young (or the present), dumb.


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