Why do people shout???


People usually shout with their voices in order to be noticed when their words aren’t shouting…

People shouting with their voices are far less effective than those shouting with their voices…

These words may tick some memories of a person’s life that included an encounter with a very loud person, who may use to shout at top of his lungs in order to suppress his audience, and the fact is hearing the shout usually the audience is suppressed. The fact is that a small concept of Psychology, that a person who is not habitual to loud noises tend to avoid them mostly by keeping quite when the other one shouts, this specific feature of ours are considered to be our weakness, that we couldn’t speak in front of a person. But the level of torture that the silent man feels is quite known to everyone. The irony is that doing such a thing brings immense pleasure to shouter.

                This pleasure, what is most commonly known as the EGO, or FAKE PRIDE of the evil doer has been created by the happenings of his life. The mere first loud word used by him in any conversation gives away his state of mind, what he is thinking, and what he wants to achieve from it. Seeing the happenings of the person’s life one can say he is not wrong in doing so, because his life must have been terrible, and suppressive. But repeating those happenings of life that developed the person’s nature is no end to the feeling; it creates more such feelings in the listeners. And then they tend to become the same shouter

No matter how hard we try to ignore such a thing but we cannot completely suppress the human nature of feeling bad being shouted at. Some ‘enlightened minds’ as they call themselves think that these shouting habits of them are mainly due to their immaturity towards the facts of life. I would like to point out that each one of us, whether ‘enlightened’ or immature think of shouting as the fastest way to take control of the conversation, which is also often implemented and hence have proven to be true in general public, but when shouting starts at both the sides, it shows that there is absolutely no more sensible content left for any improvement in the discussion, hence they both want the last word to be theirs which they try to impose using their loud voices.

Any solution to this???

Well, as always there are no solutions for everything in real world, but a closer approximation to a solution would require the relationship with the person we are dealing with, if an elder who is related to us say an uncle or boss or a teacher, we can’t help it because usually they find it the only way to keep youngsters in control, but if it is a elder person we are not related to directly or a youngster, the solution maybe to tell the person the state of their mind their words are reflecting, This way they may understand that the person they are speaking to is not of those audience who do patiently listen to whatever the speaker says. And giving the person some advice on the discussion may be used to clear off the divide and be cool with him again.

The same is the case for the very young, i.e. children, they often cry or shout as
the child maybe to gain their recognition when they are not even feeling sad. But the child like the elders are often left due to their age, if we shout at them back, it would be degrading our souls to improve someone else’s. In that case a smile is the thing that does the job. “You think I am fool enough to be caught by your act, I am smart enough to be laughing at you thought!!”

This point brings another of old sayings into context,

As the adult grows older, his actions become those of a child, same type of demands, and same kind of restlessness.

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  1. VISHAL says:

    Well, we all know, this blog is for a specific professor at BIT Mesra. The Great Gunda!!!

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