Microsoft Software and Technology Club, BIT Mesra

The formal orientation program for incoming 2k9 Batch was conducted successfully.
We got a huge response from 2k9, as it was expected.Microsoft Software and Technology Club has completed its first Semester in BIT, Mesra.
We conducted 12 workshops on various topics including:

Basic Graphics in C
Data Structures and Algorithms
Programming Logic and Reasoning
Using Visual Studio 2008, for making simple c++ programs
Audio Video Editing
Configuring Microsoft Windows
Introduction to latest technologies at Microsoft

And we plan a lot more this Semester…
The problem is the level of each student has to be kept in mind so that every one can be raised to the top. To ensure that, MSTC plans the following this Semester

Computer/ Internet Orientation for Beginners
Java Technology
Visual Studio 2008
Web Technology
Office 2010
Dot Net Framework 4.0
Open Source Technology
Linux/ Unix interoperability

Big plans for this semester, and we got a better team, more dedicated students to the club, and no money involved. Things gonna change in BIT now….

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