How MONEY ruined one of my evenings….

How MONEY ruined one of my evenings….

It happened last year sometime after summer break, yet I wish to discuss it today because it had led a great lot of thoughts to my mind. Lately these thoughts are resurfacing due to the need to work hard for earning a better future.

It was a fine evening in my friend Amritesh’s hostel room when this discussion about goods and bads of owning large amount of money came up. The reason of topic was probably influenced by a lecture that I had attended few months back as a part of educational development Seminar. We were talking about some of the most controversial topics of religion, science and humanitarian thinking and then the question came up of how does the money affects these crucial and controversial areas.

The topics in question as part of religious discussions were the famous controversy of church, changing the text of bible as part of its “amendments” that were probably influenced by humanitarian changing needs as well as by the need of the people in power( as said by Dan Brown in his DaVinci Code). Then the discussion of evils of the Indian society came up into question, like pandits and maulvis charging huge sum of money for what they call “warding off bad luck”, or “getting someone into control” and many more ways which by simple logical thinking should not be possible. But in order to earn “MONEY”, they do all these stuff at cost of deforming the religion for what is being taught to their next generation. Because single such trick added by them turns into stories and then are set into minds of children as true facts.

It is a shame that what we call religion, which are in total more than 4,200 (as quoted by )none of them have been
able to get the aim of “full good and no bad”. Is that because they were not capable or true enough? I don’t think so. I think each of these religions had a capability of changing the whole world to complete righteousness but the fact is they couldn’t.

What we discussed as reason behind it was the “money” factor, that instead of finding its way into the correct way (or religion), changed the religion to make it find a way into the “money governed world”. It is not that there were no true followers, it is just that there were a larger number of people who changed or misinterpreted the meaning of the teaching to their own profit which eventually became the
word of the day.

Similarly, in case of science and technology, companies claim to work for the better future of the world and the users, but in fact they find a way of earning that drives them on. It is a well-known fact that there are these technologies that can simplify life of humans to a far greater level or drop down prices and increase the performance of current technology to higher level, which is also practically possible. But these technologies are delayed because the company thinks that the earlier product has potential to create more money for the time being and hence they don’t want it to be replaced by the new product or technology. One of the popular and again controversial example is the Bluetooth technology which is said to be developed much earlier but had not been released. But it had to be released because other company had released it.

Hence we can say that the “money” drives technology and science. Then as far as the humanitarian side is considered, it is affected the worst where we fail to take out money for the poor well aware of the fact that he may need it badly and may die if he didn’t had sufficient money. A classic question of that sort which we used was..

Consider on a very cold and chilly evening we are going on a deserted path and we come across a poor family of a beggar that don’t have enough clothes and have hardly eaten enough to survive the nights cold. The question is how much we will give the family, say of five people?? The honest answers that we received were only Rs.200 even if we had Rs.2000 in our pockets. Now how will you explain a family of five having a dinner and buying some clothes/ blankets for themselves in Rs. 200. And even if they survived that night how long will they survive with those 200 rupees.

The answer clears it all. The love for money had degraded us to such a level that we are counting a mere Rs.40 per person for their life. That’s why I described the humanity as most affected by the “money” driven world.

As these facts were surfacing we all began to feel the hatred for money in our hearts. But what solution do we have?? Even if money system was removed some other commodity (say gold or silver as in ancient times) will act as “money”.

As each of our minds were searching for a proper solution, one of us spoke up to set a company that will have its own residential area, its own mess kind of arrangement for food, and its own commodity supply store, its own school, hospitals etc. And this whole company would be inside a great big wall that won’t allow any person coming in or going out. Now every person working in the company will be given exactly same to eat, exactly same to wear, and exactly same kind of place to live. So that there is no kind of ownership or money kind of thing involved. This money independent job scheme will allow each person to do what they like the most, i.e. if a person likes cooking, he will cook. If someone likes the teaching he will teach etc. Slowly and slowly the company should grow and take over the world so the concept of money will be removed forever.

The idea was awesome. We all started to think about the practical aspects of the idea, i.e. what if a person doesn’t do the job, so jails were planned where a lower level of place, food and clothes will be provided.

Again we thought that some of the greatest philosophers of all time must have thought about the same problem, why wouldn’t they have implemented the idea already. That’s when I receive a call from my brother where I explained him our plan with great enthusiasm. He simply said that this idea WAS implemented, and on a quite large area and population.

I was shocked. I thought how come we didn’t know if such a structure or such a company exists in the society.

He reminded us about Karl Marx the revolutionary philosopher, who did proposed the same idea for a whole nation. Being not such a good student of history and passing my 10th from ICSE board, I had a very vague idea about Karl Marx theories. I began to think what would have brought down this revolutionary idea to failure.

The fact that there must be an administrative body to govern the proper functioning of the system fails the whole idea of complete equality. Moreover the basic human nature of developing due to competition and urge to succeed will be killed. This “revolutionary movement is what had accounted for approximately 100 million deaths worldwide in one way or the other due to economic crisis and
greed of power. More over the fact that communism had the vision of everything as public property was changed by the future generation of successors to include some of the things that should be left personal to public. Such kind of idealism created uneasiness in the world for the loss of humanitarian values hence this idea failed.

The fact that this thought was useless did lowered our energies, but created an awareness of the problems of the world and yes created a general hatred towards money in our hearts (which soon died away too).

This whole idea highlighted a renowned quote in my mind…

There are always two sides of a coin, the more one of them shines the more is the other side in darkness…

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