Being the way you want to be.

When people mock at me or comment at me, I do believe not to take it as an appraisal or else it will worsen my condition. The fact is that people know that face of Shahzor Khan that is the face that I allowed them to see, i.e. all the good qualities and probably none bad. By good qualities I means theoretically good not practically, whereas the fact is that real me is way away from that. It is just that some people tend to hide some of their weaknesses or bad qualities thinking what will the listener think about them. This sense of tension does help you in building up your conscience but after a while when you get a place where you are pretty sure no one is watching you repeat the same thing which actually encourages you that no one is watching hence we can do anything we want hence today I accept that people misjudge me, It is just the fact that I had been the way I wanted to be but showed something else to the world.

The main idea that I wanted to share here is that there is always a trade-off between what you get and what you don’t get (or lose) and I have paid heavily for what I have today with my frankness, my sense of happiness, my relationships etc. Clearly if you want to learn something you have to devote more time, passion and attention to it hence the time or passion for other things automatically reduces, hence is the trade-off. I do believe I
have more analytical problem solving skills than average but the cost that I pay for that is my complete loss at general knowledge and human interaction. The serious thinking part have come by keeping to myself everything that is in my life hence make me a boring company and a boring person. I have become a person that is usually befriended because of this outer face. And that is completely my fault, not the environment’s as I have not spoken about what I feel to everyone and chosen to be ignored than to be made fun of, or to make fun with.

When people ask me how come I am what I am or what does it takes to be Shahzor Khan, the answer is simple, a few bad choices for priorities in life. Clearly speaking people talk to me only when they need me except a really few number of people who talk to me when they feel I need them. The Question is will you chose an analytical and boring life or a less analytical and interesting life. I chose the former that makes me what I am today.

The question now is can I change my priority of life now? well it is what we chose that happens in our life. But when you change your priorities, you do face serious decrement in the qualities that you used to take for granted. Which is a serious disappointment, that everyone cannot accept, and those who do accept it, have a great part of them asking them to go back to original form. Hence it is what you chose that makes us the way we are.
YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR LIFE, you can have any life what you want, but are you ready to give up the things in life that you take for granted nowadays.

Next time you feel jealous of someone, just figure out a thing that you have and he doesn’t, and believe me you DO NOT want to switch places with him. It is simply because what we are living are our best chosen priorities, and we do not change them unless we really require to.

Next time you feel pity for someone, just figure out a thing about his life that you don’t have and believe me you will respect him much more by the priorities he has chosen for his life.

This reminds me of an old quote,

“Men are masters of their lives, it is them who choose how to live it“.

(Don’t consider this as Male specific, here Men refers to Humans as a whole.   🙂 )

So chose your way of life clearly and set your priorities clearly before you lose an opportunity.

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