Money drives the world, not justice, nor democracy, nor humanity.

It has been long time since I last wrote, not because I quit writing, but there wasnt anything that hit me so hard.

I have been a technical person throughout my life and have stayed away from new, mostly reading only the Tech news published triweekly by ACM sent to my mailbox, or a few Facebook posts links. I never knew about the Bahrain Uprising untill today when a fellow colleague sent a mail with the subject “Shame on Us!!” and only a link of YouTube as the content.

After seeing the complete video, and few other references from the web, I was pretty shocked that while such democratic violence was going around the world where were the world leaders? USA that claims to be there for innocent human beings, The United Nations and its sub branches, the Muslim community( Saudi Arabia etc.) .

For those people who consider that this is just some Islamic Nations and it may be their way or their rules I like to point the following, Please bear the detail in case you cannot relate it to your earlier knowledge about Islam.

How can such an inhuman act go unnoticed by all of them and they stayed silent, I am no scholar in Islam, but I know one thing for sure, I am a Sunni Muslim, and I know that the khalifa that is considered the Islamic head of the State is a chosen one and not a nominated one.  Abu Bakr Al-Baqillani has said that the leader of the Muslims simply should be from the majority, Abu Hanifa an-Nu‘man also wrote that the leader must come from the majority. Not going into the details but scholars have argued that the concept of Democracy comes from Islam.

Now here is an irony for the case of Bahrain, Here are the views about khalifa or the Caliph according to Sunnis and Shias(Src )

Sunnis (who are now the Caliphs in Bahrain, that run using the nomination within the lineage), believe that a caliph should ideally be chosen by election or community consensus. Hence if they go by their belief, the Caliph should be and elected one rather than nominated one.

Shias (who are the majority in Bahrain) believe that Caliphs were to assume
authority through genetic lineage. So they are actually abiding by the belief and had been accepting the Caliphs nominated by the previous Caliphs.

Clearly this is wrong, and other muslim nations should oppose this and help the majority in this regard. The thing that amuses me is that while there are a lot of battles and other decisions are based on religion, how come this is not being resolved by it, And while there are a lot of decisions based on justice, how come this has failed to be resolved. And going by the USA saying, if the fights in Afghanistan and Iraq were fought for humanity and Democracy, why are they not interfering with this unjust and inhuman settlement.

The reason is simple, the rulers of Bahrain, are also the richest because of the oil reserves, and they have close monetary ties with all the nations that claim themselves to be Religious, Democratic, Humanitarian or Just. They all follow back to their basic greed and fail to act as a world to save the innocent peaceful protestors in Bahrain, as doing so may affect them monetarily.

I won’t end my blog with a quote like I earlier used to do, I just appeal to all the people who consider themselves to be influential, who have even a small belief in humanity existent on the face of this earth, Please help the people in Bahrain and bring the evil doers to justice.

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2 Responses to Money drives the world, not justice, nor democracy, nor humanity.

  1. salman says:

    Pretty Informative ..must say !! Valid points!

  2. Mrs. Shaheen Atif says:

    Very thoughtful of you to raise your voice on this subject matter. We as humans see only what is shown to us and believe only what others make us believe. We never ourselves find out the truth behind the situations and mostly we raise our voice only when majority raises theirs. So thanz for atleast starting a revolution of thinking and understanding what islam really means

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