Microsoft is reliable.

When ever I hear the word Microsoft, among other predominant thoughts that come to my mind the strongest one describing the characteristics of the company is reliability. I say this not from ideology, or fanaticism, but by experiences with the companies products.

I have been a Microsoft products user ever since I saw my first computer, and the confidence in Microsoft doing the right thing has been growing for me.( from a user perspective).

My latest experience was with the Windows Phone Nokia 820.
I had a habit of trying out apps and deleting them, and due to a bug in the Windows phone OS, some memory kept going to the Other Storage.(that’s what the description of the component of memory usage displayed in the phone showed)
My experiments didn’t stopped, but my phones memory depleted, drastically, to an extent that I had to uninstall some relevant apps to keep my phone running.
Now when I searched the net for fixing the issues, among other methods that I tried and failed, was one to reset my phone to factory settings as the only method to get the memory back.
Now I could have done that, but in some forums I saw Microsoft acknowledged such a bug exists in Windows phone 8.

So I knew help was on the way, and finally it came, as an update.
I had to practically delete all the non-essential apps on my phone to download and install the 367 MB update. I didn’t knew what was in it, but if it didn’t have the fix for my problem, I would have no other choice then to reset my phone.

And things changed, I saw an amazing Setting Addition, Storage check.
This allows us to delete temporary files, and manage the apps and their data usage.
And I am now back to normal.

In essence, I believe Microsoft among other big names, have issues in their products, but I can hardly imagine placing such a trust to any other company. In other cases we just have to live with the defects and hope to get the issue fixed in the next release.

(I remember losing hope on Android froyo, since my device no longer supported OS upgrade, I had to just live with the issues.)

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