Food for thought?

We as the 2013 developed countries humans are facing a real issue of obesity,
I am not talking about fitness here but over eating, well that’s not the only reason, one of the reasons is lack of exercise/ basic energy spending mechanisms like walking etc, but lets assume, our modern day time consumption and priorities do not support us to spend time on these, so is there a way out?

We feel we have to spend the time allotted for lunch, dinner etc eating.
Its amazing to see that how most of the 3rd world people often forget even the sense of hunger.
We are habituated to eat at the right time, even when we don’t feel hungry, i.e. the meal we had last time was still able to supply energy for the bodily functions. But we still go on to eat because its the time to eat.
Is this the reason behind so much obesity in the modern age.
Now we get to hear responses like we don’t eat to live, we sometimes eat for better taste or having conversation with someone(dating, family dinner,etc).
Well that’s exactly where we are wrong, we may want to enjoy food and enjoy company of others over food, but it doesn’t change the fact that food is supposed to be consumed for living, So it simply means that if we do have to wait for the next time we get hungry for our next meal, and skip a meal or two if we have really fulled our apetite over a party or something. Another option that most people follow is to eat very limited in each meal considering the time of the next meal. But that leaves a negetive life feeling that we are controlling what we eat.

Other arguments that can be applied are routine, body clock etc, that we have to eat at the allotted time so that we can fit eating into the routine and we could make our body clock respond to time of eating and processing food.

That said, the best alternative I find is skipping meals, it puts us in a place where we will only eat when we feel hungry, and we will only eat at the appropriate time that we schedule. But clearly there is something wrong here. Considering the flexible timings of people for sleeping as late as 3am, and waking up at around 10-11 am, We cannot skip dinner because we have the next eating cycle after at least 8 hrs, and we cannot sleep feeling hungry, so that will impact our routine.
So whats the solution?
Lets say we fix the problem of sleeping by keeping a very small meal time right before we sleep to fulfill our hunger(in case we are feeling hungry).
But then again, eating right before sleeping is bad for health as we wont get enough exercise to be able to process the food, so this snacks should be very minimal and very well thought of.

I see that this seems to be clearing most of the scenarios to this problem.
So we have like 5 meal times in a day
breakfast(soon after we wake up)
dinner(around 8-10pm)
sleep snacks(before sleeping)
And we eat only when we are hungry or when we have a say social obligation for eating.

So does this solve our problem? Don’t know, haven’t tried it yet. Lets try it for next couple of weeks and see what happens.

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3 Responses to Food for thought?

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  2. altanai says:

    one doesnt feel hungry when … runnig on proj deadline s, hav a big exam next day , down with flu , derz an awesome television series u can watch … would it be wise to not eat timely meals ?!?

    • Its not about those ppl who eat in a controlled way. Its for us, the foodies, who cant relax until last bit of food in front of them is eaten:). For us timely meals are a disaster because every meal is a day or two’s meal worth.

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