Its often people wonder, what is it that we are supposed to do in life? or re framing it as Why are we here?
Given an average human life of 64 yrs x 365 days = 23360 days of life.
Removing average sleeping and life sustaining tasks(eating, cleansing) we get about 12 hrs time daily,
so to get a better calculation its about 11680 days of complete capability of doing something.

Lets first start with what is worth while things to do for spending this time, priority wise
Time1, daily bodily activities, that we need to keep our body moving.
Time2, daily tasks assigned to us from the system of society to make sure you get back appropriate returns, like salary, respect.etc to sustain life.
Time3, creating something, i.e. giving back something to the world.
Time4, consuming something that someone else created, so as to acquire the knowledge and tools to create something ourselves.
Time5, entertainment, to get our spirits up

So what do we end up doing with this time?
Its amazing to see that the word ‘time pass’, is used so often nowadays, so much that people are ready to sit around doing nothing, practically nothing complete days and wait for the next day to come. Is that how we are supposed to be spending the limited days we have got for living in the life?

I guess it all comes down to respecting the time. Most of us don’t respect time.
Be it the time spent in doing your work, or time spent in engaging with friends and family.
We are so habituated by the time we feel is set for us. i.e.
We feel we have to spend the time of the work just staying in the office,
if we don;t want to do the work, we just sit idle doing ‘time pass’ on Facebook,
Consider really concentrating and doing your day’s work in like 4-5 hrs instead of 8 hrs and do something useful for the rest of the time.
Given we have our time 1,2 spent, we can then move on to time 3,4 and do something for the world.

We feel we have to spend the time allotted for food

We feel we have to spend time in entertainment, to spend the rest of the day!
That is not supposed to happen, we cannot be spending the remaining time of the doing something that is at position 5 when we are not doing 3 and 4 at all. And this leads to the feeling of boredom and self criticism that I am good for nothing and no one cares about me.
The fact remains, you don’t care about yourselves and hence lead yourself to boredom and passing time all the time.

Now that certainly needs to change. Then comes on realization of what can we give back to the world? That is where creativity come to help. Just the idea of creating something, doesn’t matter how many people know about it or how many people actually appreciate it, it takes the boredom out of our lives.

So now that we know about it, that we need to create something to give back to the world to make use of our time in the world, in turn we need to be creative in at least one area where we can help in this endeavor. So its time to choose an area. What can the area be? The easiest one I found is blogging, clearly everyone can write something out of the mind and post it on the internet. Not so hard. It doesn’t even have to be linked back to you, for people considering anonymity, the web is a great method of getting something out to the public without considering anonymity being violated. Somehow the web has created this large storage of publicly accessible content, that need not be all correct, or approved, or anything. It just can sit there for rest of our foreseeable future and be done nothing about, so lets try that out.

And so we now come to the last means of spending time. Entertainment. Occasionally when we feel down, we can spend time in entertainment, but also keeping in mind that too much of anything is bad. We should not be spending so much time in entertainment, that we no longer use it for its purpose(i.e. getting our spirits back up) and instead use it for passing time. That is certainly how the entertainment industry would like us to spend our time but that need not be the correct way to go.

So timeout. Lets all go and find a way of living that can be considered as worthwhile and do something new.

Lets just end this by a simple line of thought,
“We can’t control any thing in life except the way we live it…”

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