Self sustained Government?

On recent news about rupee value falling, economic crisis, etc. I came to realize, India currently is clearly not the best example of progressing economy for a country.  Instead of general comments on that, I tried to analyze it to a deeper level.

I have been thinking about what can be the parameters so that we can say that a government, a country, city, or even a house is doing good, or lets say it’s progressing.

I think one of the ways to describe it is that the value of possessions of the group is increasing, be it something of “immediate value” like money, or “potential value” i.e. something that can be later traded off as valuable, say education etc. However, we can only consider a group to be progressing if its value is increasing.

Now going to say at the house level, we may consider a house’s value to be increasing by the difference in expenditure v/s income. (Lets leave aside the knowledge value for now.) Well then we consider a family or members of a house to be progressing if the value of their possessions increase over time. Just to point out here, I use the term value as a relative value, not absolute value like amount of money because we are reducing the value of money at a constant rate, so lets say if a family’s money increases by 10%, and the inflation is 11%, there is actually no progress there.

Applying the same model to lets say a town level, if the amount of expenditure of a township increases more than what they make, then its a definite loss, but if the amount of profit is less than the annual inflation, it’s still not a progressing town.

Now we may argue that expenditure in terms of money may be in consumable category(food, water, repair work etc), or an infrastructure category(vehicles, buildings etc).
Clearly the latter can be classified as a “potential value”, hence we may need to consider that in the argument.

We can later scale the definition up to a country in a similar way.

So lets get to definition part now. We say a country is progressing if its net relative value is increasing over time. Clearly any new item of value is bound to increase the amount of values taken into consideration, so we tighten our definition. A country is relatively progressing if the percentage of total value over the world owned be the country increases over time. Such a harsh definition is bound to make some countries to relatively regressing. In essence if a country sells to outside quantity of more value than it takes from outside, we can say it’s relatively progressing.

So down to the simpler facts now, to make all the country’s progress, or not regress we have to send out at least the same value of commodity as we take in. Clearly setting a progressive aim for every country cannot be done, so we aim for Self sustainable country, ie. a country is able to give the exact amount of value outside as it takes from it.

How do we achieve such a thing. As we noted earlier the consumable items if imported from outside, will drastically impact the balance, the infrastructure imports cannot be all eliminated, as we cannot produce everything, hence we can only control the consumable category.

Now we are down to an easy task, we have to eliminate any unnecessary imports of consumable items, that we can produce within the country. So that every country is mostly stable for its basic needs. (I know, I am being partial towards India, being a land where most of the basic amenities, like food, clothing etc are available, as compared to countries like Japan).

So what does these consumable commodities include, mostly Food items, clothing, daily needs(soaps, toothpaste, detergents etc). An important issue raised by many Facebook status shares included ideas to stop using non-Indian company products like Colgate etc, and using Indian alternatives instead. Clearly that is one way of controlling this money flowing outside India.

As I was thinking about these things I happened to visit Coimbatore, I noticed there was a local soft drink available, 1 orange flavored competing foreign brands like Miranda, Fanta and cola flavored competing Pepsi, Coca-Cola etc. And the numbers available in the shops were almost equivalent for local and foreign soft drinks. I did tried it out and to be honest it didn’t taste as good, but its a start.

Similarly back in Hyderabad, we have a local soft drink alternative called “Zeera Soda”, and I must say I like it better than any other soft drink, plus it being a local, I always prefer it. But the issue comes to availability. It’s not always available in shops.This is one field of improvement, local soft drinks. Considering there was not alternative earlier. But for other products, like Soap, toothpaste etc, hell even bottled water we do have alternatives for choosing Indian brands as compared to foreign ones.

It’s already a long post, so I will try to end it here, we all know India or any country for that sake is in need of Self Sustainable Government, so its important that we contribute towards this goal as much as possible.

The only quote that comes to my mind is “Ghar ki Murgi Dal barabar”, i.e. We value the homemade chicken as equivalent to pulses from outside. Meaning, we don’t value the things we have, we always think the things from outside are more valuable. (See Example In Indian Brands)

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