Comfort Zone?

As Cool as I am,
A movie, a good movie that I just finished watching.
What I liked about the movie was that it tells something about how helpless we are with the people we love.
There are so many things we wish to say to them, to correct their life based on our views, but we don’t, because it will hurt them.
It tells us about why we are sometimes, so afraid of making connections, because we are afraid, we won’t be able to tolerate the response a person gives, another person that we love, with our whole heart, but we cannot agree to his actions.
Well everyone of us is a human, we have our own life and our own problems, beliefs, understanding of life, clearly we can’t force it on anyone.

I have a relationship, with a person so good, smart and a hero of life,
but the person is unfortunately human. And humans have tolerance level, humans have tolerance limit. Humans have control over doing something completely irrational, or incorrect and not feeling remorse over it.
Its amazing how I started this description with a single person in my mind, but at each word, I can connect more and more to other relationships in my life.

Its hard, its hard to live this way, to feel the sense of responsibility or sense of ownership over someone and not being able to do anything about it. Because we are afraid; we are afraid on what will happen if the drastic action, or words, may not be taken with full consideration on why are we saying them. Its hard to even imagine losing the relationships. And then we start living a fake life. Not doing what we want to do, not saying what we want to say, silently tolerating, increasing our threshold for tolerance.

And what happens when this threshold is crossed. We see that since we are suffering because of someone else, we are getting used by someone else, the reverse is also true.
And we turn incorrect and irrational. Because we know, the same way we have tolerated others, others will tolerate us.
We know that no matter how incorrect or wrong we are, there are people who are going to stick with us. There are people who are going to not stop us, and we feel encouraged.

I used to wonder, how come there is hate in the society, why do some people do things completely irrational, completely wrong. How come the word ‘conscious’ does not relate to them.
And now I kind of get the idea, people are used to being tolerant.

A line from the movie “As Cool as I am”, “They eat so much shit for so long, they don’t even recognize the taste of it after a while.”

We are so much comfortable staying uncomfortable and tolerant, we don’t want to make a change, we don’t want to get out of our comfort zone. Because it just doesn’t feel right.

Lets try an experiment, me being a right handed person, will switch to using left hand as my primary hand, so the left handed people can do vice versa. I tried it for something, for something so simple as toss a tennis ball to the wall and catch it back. It was so uncomfortable, yet so relieving. As an experiment, I plan to use my left hand for atleast 1 more day to feel the discomfort, to embrace it.

Maybe that will make me one step more ready to talk truth to the people, not fake it any more. Maybe that will finally lead me to say things, or correct my loved ones, not worrying for once how comfortable I am and how comfortable they will be.

I tried a lot to remember later create a quotation. Couldn’t quite create one. So just stating the essence here
The only difference between a heart and a stone is, A human heart changes with time. Change is the proof of life, so we should not be afraid of it.

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