Freedom of Expression?

I have known for a long time the Islamophobia that have been prevalent and being preached by various sources post 9/11.
Also I have heard about protests against Muslims by many pro-Christian Americans and pro-Hindu Indians in rallies etc.
But never before I came across an act so bizarre and wrong.

I heard about the video/movie trailer “Innocence Of Muslims”, being posted over the net, and how so many protests and violence rose after that.
I thought it was a work done by some other pro-Christianity Americans and left it without much heed.

On scrolling through some blogs today I came across a the blog entry by Shekhar Kapoor posting a letter from one of the supporting actress of the movie.
Here is link to the blog.

She mentions in her letter how all the actors were tricked for acting in the movie, claiming it to be named “Desert Warrior”, based on a story in Egypt on fight between tribes over a Meteor Rock. Also if you see the Wiki related to “Innocence Of Muslims”, you can see other actors being tricked in a similar manner.

I don’t get it.

Following your religion is one thing,

being scared of other religions is another,

being hateful and publicly speaking ill of other religions is still another thing,

but going all the way to tricking people for making a video/movie and later dubbing it to not defame/ mislead but straight ahead hatefully speak against a religion is way out of my understanding.

I can’t imagine how and why would someone do something like this.

This brought me a realization, not only the internet age has enabled people to express themselves easily, it has reduced the credibility of any information received from internet.
Something like political parties using external agencies to make defamatory memes and sharing it on Facebook, people sharing incorrect and defamatory information of other people.

Is it no longer a crime to tell lies and propagate hatred. If it’s not, then why is this being allowed.

Freedom of expression clearly is a right that people should have, but there are limits to it that people can exercise, beyond that they should still remain punishable.
But again that punishment is more or less reserved for the people not in power. A clear example was when a college student is jailed for posting defamatory status message against politician but no one is jailed for known wrong and hateful speeches by the politicians, Akbaruddin Owaisi being the first one to be jailed, but again he is no match against the all powerfull pro-Hindu political people.

Another thing that has been troubling me for some days is, why are lawyers led off the hook. Some lawyers that have clearly misled the courts and tried to prove something completely wrong as right knowingly, why should they be left unpunished. After all these are the ones enabling the criminals to go off the hook. Certain cases, where it can be clearly proven that the lawyer falsified the arguments, spoke lies to the court, once proven incorrect, shouldn’t they be stopped as well. Shouldn’t ridding the courts from these lying lawyers who are simply wasting courts time to prove their guilty clients as innocent, be a good thing to do. For once we would see the cases getting solved faster.

The world continue to amaze me every day. With so many bizarre people and so bizarre practices.

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