Understanding Religion?

Religion is usually criticized as blind faith, which is usually mentioned for believing in events, procedures and peoples existence without proof.

I donot question faith, faith is a good thing to have, but I disagree with having blind faith. One of the major issue prevailing not only in India but through out the world, is mass exploitation of people in the name of religion. And I believe one of the main issues with that is people having blind faith on the religious teachers, I do not refer to the religious prophets, but rather the preachers who are preaching religions.

Its not the fault of the religions, but rather the times, or rather the language. The religious books, or orignal preachings of the prophet or god, are written in languages specific to the people or the region where it was revealed.

A lot of context is lost when ever we try to get projection of anything. Consider an idea, The idea when written down in words, no matter how powerful the writer is there is definitely some loss of the idea, that was not or cannot be “projected” correctly.

And once we translate the words to other languages, mostly the content is not completely expressed in the new language. Why am I saying this?

Most of the languages used in original religious texts are extinct or not used by the major population of the religion,

Eg. Arabic, Sanskrit, Pali, Latin. Hebrew, etc. (see Sacred Languages)

Once translated for the general population, they either do not read it, even if they do, there are arguments led by preachers, that the context in the original text meant this or that. The parents further give more priority for children to develop religious habits, of blindly following rituals rather than encouraging them to understand their religious texts.

The practice of reading and mindlessly repeating the chants, without much understanding is dangerous, as it leads to fanaticism, blind followers etc.

I am not against religious preachings, but I hope the righteous people will agree, understanding religion is more important then blindly following it.

Being a Muslim myself, I find it bad or odd, why learning Arabic was never the main aim of our religious preachings, it was rather just mug all the arabic chants/sura-hs and repeat mindlessly. I agree there are translations available, but sincerely speaking I do not remember the meaning of the aayats when I am reciting them. And that is bad, and dangerous.

I do hope I learn to understand Arabic as smoothly as I understand English, Hindi or Urdu today, but while that time has come, I do not wish to believe people without doing my research.

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