Why I as a Indian do not wish to vote for Narendra Modi in the context of Secularism.

Consider a thought experiment.

Lets say that in one of the proclaimed secular countries, A country exists which has around

80% religion A,

13% religion B,

7% other countless religions, including some tribal religions.

Now lets go ahead and consider the country is Democratic. Which means any notion of voting in the name of religion will clearly favour the religion A.

Now finally consider that there are some democratic parties in the country, Party Pa, and Pb, which are nearly 99%(if not 100%) members of religion A and they are fighting elections based on religious issues.

Q1: Should we allow such parties to come to power?

Q2: Should any religious activity, or agenda be limited of religious societies and religious leaders of a country? Does it make sense to allow political parties to include non-political issues like religion, in their manifesto.

Clearly If we see the connection the parties referred here are parties like VHP, RSS, AIMM, IUML etc. I have only included the parties that I know of. I haven’t done any extensive research in the area.

Now lets come to a clear question:

Should any party be allowed to include religion, region, language and community based agenda into their political agenda? If the answer is no, then should these be de-recognized by the govt,of india.

Of course these will make these parties rename themselves to a non-religious names, and continue their agenda.

Let me go ahead and further claim, in an idealistic scenario, no party should be allowed to use any religious, regional, and lingual agenda in their rallies at all. For any regional, religious or lingual issues, the govt. must have ministries that deal with the issues and may keep in touch with appropriate societies to listen to their demands and make changes in the law etc.


Now, why do I not like Narendra Modi?

First and foremost reason, he has strong backing by RSS, VHP and other proclaimed Religiously inclined leaders/politicians.

Secondly, In past there had been an incident of organized communal violence, where he has been charged.

His case was dropped by the Supreme court, claiming there was no sufficient evidence to convict. However there are accusations of SIT being partial to Modi. Further, either due to fear of losing his backing, or real intent, Narendra Modi, is yet to make apolegetic statement for the Gujrat Riots, some reports even claim that he has never visited any riot affected areas. If he is not communal himself, he is definitely not willing to take a stand on non-communal approach due to fear losing his backing.

Lastly: In the BJP manifesto for LS 2014, the Ram Mandir construction is mentioned, which again is a religious issue, and should not be endorsed by BJP being a national party.


Hope that I have explained my reasons on the subject.

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