Self Eulogy

My sister had suggested to play a little game, Writing a self eulogy within 5 minutes after which you are not allowed to edit it. You are not allowed to read the self eulogy of someone else before you have written your own.

Its an interesting game, on showing your state of mind at the current time, What will you have to say to the world if you had died today, The 5 minute limit tries to stop us from polishing the content indefinitely.

Lets play the game, I am pasting below the Eulogy I wrote, I hope you will honor the rules of the game and write your own before reading mine :). Also do share link to your own eulogy if you feel comfortable ,


Life is short, it was meant to be,
We need to live it to the fullest,
enjoy, contribute to the society, science, art, literature
It is easy to think 1 idea is correct or better than the other, its not
Every idea, however insane has some usefull roots,
and these roots are what makes us human
Life is short, our presence in the world is short,
No amount of greatness or power is big enough to extend it beyond a period
accept it and see what we can make of it
I have spent my early life persuing science as the spear head of society,
but later I realized inequality is the chains holding it back
Inequality in finance, Knowlege, authority and freedom
We can imagine 2 people living today such different lives that they seem centuries apart
Thats why social science is important,
We all have a role to play,
I had tried to play mine,
you still have some time left, play it.

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