Change is beautiful

wp_20161004_001-1October is the main month on Autumn in Seattle, this is the first time I noticed the changes in the trees nearby as the autumn proceeded.
At first some leaves start turning Yellow,
then some starts falling and more leaves turn yellow, and some start turning orange.
Then some orange leaves start turning red,

Although the autumn, which signals the tree leaves to fall happens at the same time for all the trees, and leaves, they don’t react in the same way or at the same time.
The reaction and timing are based on various reasons, the amount of sunlight it receives in general, the nutrients, water had earlier or presently.
Some are evergreen trees, and they don’t fall in autumn at all.

Change is the only constant thing in life.

Change happens at varied speeds, day to night in a day, to evolution, millions of years.
Every change needs a time to react, some react too slow, and don’t survive the change, some react to fast and become the pioneers of change.

I am interested in change in the state of a nation, Below is the GDP (PPP) of India, China and US.



There are two types of change,
Authoritarian enforced change like China, China was able to transform its economy from 1990 to 2015 at a very fast phase.
This was done by an authoritarian govt, which do not accept dissent, and do not care for the rights of the few when looking at benefit of the country. This was a country run similar to a company with very stable govt, and constant focus.

Then there is the Indian example, a democratic government, we had comparatively slower progress, and comparatively fairer elections, and regime change when trust in the govt was down.
Democracy has its benefits and flaws. The challenge is public opinion, any change in public opinion can impact the stability of the govt. The challenge is to keep public opinion on common economic progress, and prevent being distracted by things dividing us.
Change is inevitable, just like the season, some trees adopt quickly and the nature waits for the others to adjust. It takes time, but slowly and independently all the trees adapt to the change.
You don’t cut the branches if they are not shedding leaves fast enough, its not efficient, we have to clean the leaves every day, but it has respect for each tree, the right to accept the new season at their own pace.

Imagine if a fish was dropped onto the beach and asked to walk by seeing the success of the snake.

Change is beautiful, and the beauty lies in the diversity.

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