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The industrial revolution that changed the world occurred because of automation. We were able to make machines, very specific machines that were able to do jobs quickly, which might otherwise take multiple men to complete. I witnessed an example in … Continue reading

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My old watch

I was sitting in a conference room in a meeting one day, when someone asked how much time was left, and people started looking, some looked into their laptop screens at the bottom right corner, others took out their mobile … Continue reading

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An evening in shayari.

Riyasat Kaash Tajurbon ki hoti… Nahin hota Waris ka Rutba itna Mamuli. Riyasat – Empire, Tajurbon – Experiences, Waris- Inheritor Aasmaan ka Darja uuncha rahe taaron se… Jo Aasmaan na hota to kahaan hote yeh. Darja-Status, Taaron- Stars Faanuus ne … Continue reading

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Freedom of Expression?

I have known for a long time the Islamophobia that have been prevalent and being preached by various sources post 9/11. Also I have heard about protests against Muslims by many pro-Christian Americans and pro-Hindu Indians in rallies etc. But … Continue reading

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Microsoft is reliable.

When ever I hear the word Microsoft, among other predominant thoughts that come to my mind the strongest one describing the characteristics of the company is reliability. I say this not from ideology, or fanaticism, but by experiences with the … Continue reading

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Microsoft Software and Technology Club, BIT Mesra

The formal orientation program for incoming 2k9 Batch was conducted successfully. We got a huge response from 2k9, as it was expected.Microsoft Software and Technology Club has completed its first Semester in BIT, Mesra. We conducted 12 workshops on various … Continue reading

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